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Happy Holidays!

This week’s schedule:

Monday and Tuesday: Regular classes


  • 8:30-10:30 Hansen 8th English-Wolf Roundtable Stakeholder Debates/English Portfolio)
    • Beattie 7th
  • 10:30-12:10 Hansen 7th Social Studies-Debates
    • Beattie 8th
  • 12:10-1:30 Recess/Lunch
  • 1:30-Early Out!


  • 8:30-10:30 Hansen 8th Social Studies Final Test
    • Beattie 7th Science Final Test
  • 10:30-12:10 Hansen 7th English (IRP Presentations, Semester One Final Portfolio)
    • Beattie 8th Science Final Test
  • 12:10-1:30 Recess/Lunch
  • 1:30 Early Out!


  • 7th & 8th Art Project
  • Outdoor Snow Shoe/Fire/Tea Race!
  • 1:30 Early Out!

Happy Holidays-see you next year!



Week of December 10th: The dance went well Friday Night-it was fun and the students dressed up!  Thanks to Mr. Schoening, Mrs. Ebersole, and Mrs. Corrick for chaperoning!  I will post photos tomorrow on my website.

We are on the final stretch-2 weeks until break!  This week student have their IRP’s due Friday. Homework will be light, so that they can finish and get them in on time!  They do get extra credit for turning them in early too!

Please check individual class pages for this week’s assignments.

Next week will be a short week:

Monday: Regular day

Tuesday: Regular Day

Wednesday: Early Out Final Science Test/English projects/presentations, essays

Thursday: Early Out-Algebra/Math/Social Studies projects, debates, tests

Friday: Early Out-Outdoor Final (fire making and snow shoeing around school!)

Upcoming Events:

  • December 13 (Thursday)-Air Rifle 3-430
  • December 14-IRPs due
  • December 17 (Monday)-Air Rifle 3-430
  • December 19-21 Early out days
  • December 24-8th-Christmas Break!

Have a great week!


Week of December 3rd:

Fire Making 101 and Skiing Relays!

We did get a few fires started, but need more practice with flint and steel!  We will be going out again this Friday-students should be dressed, ready to ski and be outside!  They are also encouraged to bring flint and steel if they have them.

Air Rifle practice this week is Thursday from 3-4:30.

Middle School Dace: This Friday 6-8PM-holiday theme.  Students get in free if they bring in food/drinks-students know what to bring and it’s on their posters in  the hallway!  Please join us and chaperone the dance!  Let me know if you are available.

Please check individual class pages for this week’s assignments and upcoming due dates!


Week of November 26th: 

Above, photos from the first ski trip of the year to Goldstream Valley!

Ski trip #2 and Fire Making 101! This Friday we will go to the 100 Acre Woods by Watershed and practice our fire making skills in preparation for out big Tea Race in March!    We will ski out to the woods and have a few relays and fun ski activities too!  Students are welcome to bring their own Flint and Steel for the fire making practice.

MAPS testing is this week.  We hope to get reading completed Monday, and Math completed on Tuesday.

Silent Auction: We made over $800!  Thanks to everyone that helped run the tables, set up and break down the auction.  Thanks to Julie and Jeff Esdale for making the reindeer kits for students to assembly and sell, they were a hot item.  Thanks to Rebecca Fisher for helping with the 8th grade beading project and making the templates.  A few students are still working on these, and they look fantastic!  One student’s spruce hen fan sold for $45!

Air Rifle: Our second practice will be this THURSDAY in the gym from 3-4:30.

Student Council meeting #2 is Thursday from 12:10-12:45.



Week of November 12th: 


(above) Future City class visiting ACEP on Friday and learning about power grids!

Hope everyone had a good day off!  We had a good training today and are preparing for a busy week!  In addition to the up-coming events below, please see individual class pages for this weeks assignments and plans.

Student Council: Students elected a student council last week.  The following are the new members:

  • President: Maya Shoening
  • Vice President: Michael Timm
  • Treasurer: Brecken Allegood
  • Secretary: Amelie Collard
  • 8th Class Representatives:
    • Jack Rasic
    • Pirada Anderson
  • 7th Class Representatives:
    • Cade Butler
    • Miranda Wilkerson
  • 6th and 5th grade also elected class representatives that will join us!
  • Our first meeting will be this Thursday during recess. An agenda is posted outside my classroom door.

Field Trip: This Friday 7th and 8th graders are taking a bus out to Goldstream Valley.  If trail conditions are good enough, we will ski.  If not, Ms. Beattie is taking the 7th grade on a “bushwacking” adventure using GPS units, and 8th graders will be hiking with me!  Either way students must be dressed for snow and cold!   Students need to take home the rubber boots and rain gear.   They need to have warm layers, snow boots, and winter jackets, hats, and gloves at school now!  We will be putting all rain gear and rubber boots in lost and found Friday.

Silent Auction this Saturday: 8th grade students should check in with the places they dropped letters off with to see if they are getting any donations, if they haven’t already.  8th grade students will also be finishing off their beading projects Thursday and Friday.  If you are helping Saturday morning, I’ll be at Watershed at 9am and we can price items.  Students that come will talk to venders and ask for donations between 9 and 10.  The auction runs from 10-4.  At 4 we close the tables and bring items back in my classroom for pick up.  Please contact me for more information.

Silent Auction Sign up: Silent Auction Sign UP

Air Rifle Club: Our first practice is on Monday after school from 3-430.  I am coaching with Mr. and Mrs. Kulp this year.  We will be coaching students in both air rifle target practice, and biathlon shooting practice.  I will pass out the registration packets (including dates for this semester and next semester) on Thursday.  If interested, please fill out the registration forms and return to me by Monday.

Week of November 5th:

Halloween 2018-photos of some of the fun costumes this year!  Winners of the Costume Contest included:

  • Funniest: Brecken aka “error”
  • Team: “The A Team”
  • Spookiest: Azalea
  • Individual: Lotus aka Princess Peach


7th Grade Hunter’s Education: We are meeting at the Fish and Game Hunter’s Education building on Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6th at 8:30am.  The building is directly across from Creamer’s Field and Fish and Game’s main office on College Road.  A bus will bring us back to Watershed at 12:30.  Students need to pack a sack lunch that doesn’t need to be re-heated and wear warm layers-we’ll be outside for at least 30 minutes!

Friday, the Future City students are going to UAF to the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) power plant to tour their lab!  Each( student) group will share their ideas for their future city’s micro grid and other project ideas with the experts at ACEP!  We will also get to tour their power lab and learn about what they are doing!

Please check individual class pages for up-coming assignments.

Winter Gear: Please check your child’s gear-it’s time to bring in the warm layers-hats, gloves, boots, pants, and extra warm top layers!

Middle School Silent Auction:  Our “big” fundraiser is coming up soon!  Middle school holds a silent auction during the Watershed Holiday Market Saturday, November 17th from 9:30-4:30.  I’ve created a sign up genius site for people to sign up to help!  This week 8th graders will be writing letters to local businesses asking for donations.  If you have anything to donate, please bring it to my classroom by November 16th.  If you have any ideas for student projects, please contact me and I can get supplies and we can plan a date to create some fun items to donate to the auction!

Silent Auction Sign up: Silent Auction Sign UP

Upcoming Events:

  • November 6: 7th grade Hunter’s Education drop off 8:30am
  • November 9th: ACEP future city field trip to UAF ACEP lab! (9-1045)
  • November 12-No school teacher professional development day
  • November 21-23rd: No school Thanksgiving long weekend!
  • November 17-Watershed Holiday Market & Middle School Silent Auction!

Have a great week!



Week of October 29th: We have a fun week ahead of us this week!  Tomorrow Gwen Holdman from ACEP is visiting the special projects class to discuss geothermal power grid options and batteries of the future to help with the Future City projects!

Halloween: Middle school students will have a Halloween party on Wednesday from 2:30-3:00.  We will hold a costume contest.  Students will be judged in the following categories: funniest, scariest, best individual, best academic costume (famous author, geographer, mathematician, sciences, etc.), best group costumes!  No knives, weapons, or sharp objects!  Students are welcome to bring in candy, cupcakes or other food items too.

Week of October 22:



This week is parent/teacher conference week!  We will be holding conferences after school Monday-Thursday, and  all day on Friday.  Hope to see you soon!

Students will be going to see the Anne Frank exhibit at West Valley this week.  Below are the times we’re going, feel free to join us if you’re interested.

  • 8th grade: Tuesday 11:00-12:55
  • 7th grade: Wednesday 11:00-12:55



October 15: Welcome quarter two!  Quarter one grades are finalized by Wednesday afternoon, and mailed home from the district later this week!  Conferences are next week!  This week students will be reflecting on first quarter and creating goals for quarter two.  We are also starting new units in English and Social Studies!  7th graders are taking their Hunter’s Education test this Thursday!  The 7th and 8th graders will be debating ballot measure one Wednesday afternoon!  Students are preparing in class, but feel free to ask them what their team’s stance is and what role they are playing this week in the debate!  If you’d like to judge and/or watch the debates, they will begin in my room at 1:15 Wednesday.  Please check individual class pages for new unit plans!

As we move into winter, please make sure students have warm layers at school including: rain gear, hat, gloves, extra fleece/warm shirt layer.  8th graders will be going to sit spots Friday, and it could be raining or even snowing?  This Saturday is the first Winterberry sharing, below is a invitation and information about the event!

Watershed Family and Friends

You are invited to

WHAT? A community event that will feature your Watershed student’s citizen science work and stories. Your child has been working with UAF scientists in a science and storytelling project to investigate how berries are changing around Alaska. The kids will share their stories of the berries they have been tracking. Crafts, food, and writing activity stations will be hosted by the Winterberry Citizen Science project and a variety of other community groups. Come learn what your kids have been studying, share your own stories about berries, and celebrate writing and science.

WHEN?    Saturday, October 20, 11 am to 3 pm

WHERE?   Noel Wein Library






Week of October 8th:

Above, photos of Dr. Spellman and students acting out a “Winterberry story”, 8th graders sit spots journaling/sketching with Natalie Ott Schuldt, our rose hips this time of year are dropping, and our Equinox station!

Middle schoolers have been busy!  We will be going out more this week to add to our journals, collect more berry data, and enjoy this much needed sunshine!

Individual class pages have been updated for this week on the website.  We are winding down to the end of quarter one, which is next Friday!  IRPs are due then, and students will present the following week.

Upcoming Events: 

  • Friday October 12-Watershed Gear Swap
  • Friday October 12-End of quarter one-early out!

Have a great week!


Week of September 24th:

More photos have been added to the Homer page from Sasha Layos, they are amazing!  There are still more to come, kayaking, mountains, hiking and more!

This will be a short week!  Friday is a teacher professional development day, so no school for students!  Thursday is a full day!

On Monday, 8th graders should be ready for hiking to sit spots in the rain!  We will have artist Natalie Ott Shuldt with us to check our Winterberry data and do some berry sketching 101 activities!

On Wednesday, I’m taking the Future City class to Cold Climate Housing Research Center.  Feel free to join us if you want.  We’ll leave Watershed at 9am, and return at 11:00.

This Wednesday kicks off our first middle school potato Wednesday fundraiser.  Students should be bring forms home Monday.

Please check individual class pages for assignments and due dates on my website.

Upcoming Events:

  • September 26-CCHRC Future City field trip 9-1045
  • September 26-1st potato Wednesday!
  • September 28-No School-Teacher Professional Development Day!
  • September 29-Watershed 5K & Sourdough Pancake Feed.

Have a great week!


Week of September 17

Homer: We made it back from Homer!  What a fantastic week the 8th graders and chaperones had last week.  Everyday was sunny, clear, and in the 60s.  We saw various invertebrates, octopus, seals, and a few orcas!  Kayaking was smooth and students were lucky to go out on the outer side of the island this year…pretty spectacular!  Please check the Homer 2018 link for photos from our trip!  Thanks to Sasha Layos for the wonderful photos this year.  If you have photos to add to the site, please email them or create a google docs site and I’ll add it to the page!

Thanks again to Mr. Schoening, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Collard, Mrs. Hilpert, and Mrs. Layos for chaperoning this trip.  Thanks to Mrs. George for the yummy lasagna dinner, and everyone else for gear, and yummy baked goods.

IRP: This week we are getting back into school.  Middle School students are working on their IRP expedition journals.  Most students are working on their second entry this week.  If you haven’t looked at Mrs. O’Malley’s blog from her expedition, here is the link: OMalley’s Arctic Expedition

Equinox: Thanks to Mrs. Schoening, Maya, Mrs. Wilkerson, Miranda, Tatyana, and Zarah for helping with the Equinox marathon station Saturday!  It was a tight turnaround for all of us with Homer and the canoe trips this year,  and we didn’t have as many helpers, but we did it!  Thanks to Mrs. Rasic and Mrs. Petersen for the yummy treats!

Potato Wednesday: It’s time to start, however we need all the slots filled before we begin!  Please check the sign up genius and sign up to help!  Once all slots are filled, we will begin.  Link to sign up:  Potato Wednesday

Week of September 4th:


Canoe Chaos was wet, windy, and fun!  Students worked with students from Chinook, Effie, and Star of the North in 7th and 8th grade teams.  The first team to find all 4 of their team’s color rings, and get them on a cone was the winner!  It was a fun event!

This week 8th graders will be preparing and packing for Homer.  7th graders will be doing the same for their canoe trip next week!

I need help at equinox-September 15th!  Please contact me or use the sign up genius if you can help!

Sign up Link: Equinox sign up

Upcoming Events:

  • September 4th-Picutre Day
  • September 9-14th-8th Grade Homer Trip


Week of August 26th:


The 8th graders did great with this year’s Kindergarteners on Friday during a rainy Creamer’s Field Trip!  We picked cranberries and will be making bread with them sometime next week.  We saw an old fox den, cranes, wood frogs, a few ducks, and students helped keep their buddies dry and warm!  Students picked a tree in the woods and created a story about it as well as both 8th grade and Kindergarten students drew their tree!  the 8th graders typed their stories today, and posted them outside my room along with the drawings and photo of them, their buddy, and their tree!    We will continue to do more throughout the year with our buddies!

Tonight is the Watershed Back to School night starting at 530.  We have informational meetings between 6-7.  Hope to see you!

EQUINOX: As you may know, we are in charge of the Equinox Marathon’s “Out and Back” aid station.  The race is September 15th, Saturday after 8th graders return from Homer!  I need at least one parent volunteer with a 4-wheeler to help get our tables, water, food, and other materials out there.  I need at least 3 adults.  We need as many students as possible!  (you can drop them off and pick them up see details below).

Our “Out and Back” aid station is “remote” and about a 1.5-2 mile walk from the top of Ester Dome.  It is the turn around point for the racers, and they have often sent in compliments about the Watershed students/parents and what a great station we provide out in the woods!

We park at the 2nd set of radio towers.  Basically we drive to the top of Ester Dome until the road dead ends.  Then make a left to the radio towers and park there off of the road.  You’ll see my truck.  We meet up there at 7am and walk in and get set up before the first runner shows up.  The road will close at 8am.  We are usually done at 2 and the road is open around 1230-1.  Please sign up on the Equinox sign up genius if you can help!  Kids love cookies/snacks too!  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sign up Link: Equinox sign up

This Thursday is “Canoe Chaos” at Tanana Lakes.  We are hosting the event for the other charter schools in the district.  If you can join us, please let me know!

HOMER:  8th Grade Homer Trip Informational Meeting will be Tuesday, (tomorrow) August 28th, from 3:00-330.  We won’t have enough time during the Back to School slots to hold the meeting then.  If you can’t make it to the meeting tomorrow, you can get papers to sign, the informational packet and pay the $150 or stop in next week to get them from me this week.  I need them back by the September 5th-next week! Below is a link to a sign up genius website, please sign up if you can help in some way!

I will need to meet with Chaperones for 5-10 minutes after the informational meeting to sign chaperone forms and photocopy driver’s license and car insurance information!  Thanks to Mrs. Hilpert, Mrs. Collard, Mrs. Layos, Mrs. Hart, and Mr. Shoening for chaperoning!

Homer Trip Sign Up genius link homersignupgenius

Don’t forget-it’s a 4-day weekend-no school Friday or Monday!

Have a great week,


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