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Week of September 2:

Hope you had a fabulous four day weekend!  We are having a lovely fall.  Please check individual class pages for assignments, projects and due dates!

8th Grade News: Last week the 8th graders and I had a beautiful hike up Moose Mountain.  As you can see in the above photos, many students decided to roll instead of walk down!  A few students were feeling sick, hopefully with four days of rest, everyone is back to normal.  Last week 8th graders also met Dr. Spellman who is in charge of the Winterberry Project, and she had students act out “berry stories” which might explain what happens to berries in Alaska!  Dr. Spellman gave students an overview of the project as well as she stressed the importance of their role as citizen scientists for this project!  Thanks for filling out the parent surveys, it has been fun reading these!  If you haven’t seen one yet, please contact me and I’ll get one to you.

8th Grade Homer Trip News: 

  • Gear checks are this Wednesday and Thursday
  • A few students haven’t turned in forms yet.  I need these by Wednesday!
  • We are up to 8 chaperones!  Thanks to Mr. Haas, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Petersen, Mrs. Merrill, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Helms, and Mrs. Schuldt for taking on the adventure!
  • Please check the snack/dessert and Group Gear sign up links to help us get what we need to make this trip a success!
  • Please bring in gear and food items by Friday so we can get things packed.

Group Gear Needed: Please sign up on the signup genius website for anything you can lend us for the trip!  Here is the sign up link-Homer Group Gear Sign Up Link

Snacks and meals: If you would like to bake a treat or cook a meal for our trip, please sign up by using the following link-  Homer Desserts/Snacks

HOMER GEAR LIST: Homergearlist

7th Grade News:

Sounds like students are staying afloat and are ready for their big canoe trip with Ms. Beattie next week!  It had been fun to read the student and parent surveys.  If you haven’t seen one yet, please contact me and I’ll get one to you!

Equinox: The Equinox Marathon is Saturday, September 21 this year.  We will need a few parents to help students run our Watershed “Out and Back” aid station.  Students are well know for all their positive encouragement and loud motivating music out in the woods!  If you can help, we meet up at the top of Ester Dome at 7am, we are done around 2.  The road closes at 730-8am and reopens around 1.  We will need to get 6-8 5 gallon water jugs, two foldable tables and some food snacks for racers out there and set up by chaperones with ATVs as it is about 1.5-2 miles to our station.  Here is a link to sign up to help bring in needed water jugs, speakers and gear as well as to volunteer to help run the station!  Equinox Aid Station Sign UP

Upcoming Events:

September 4 & 5: 8th Grade Gear Checks

September 8-14: 8th Grade Homer Trip

September 21: Equinox Marathon! (Aid station 7am-2pm)

September 27: No School!  Teacher professional development day

Have a great week!


Week of August 26:

It was great meeting everyone on Thursday, I know it’s a lot of new information, so if you have any questions about how middle school works get in touch!  If you couldn’t make it and I didn’t get to meet you, please stop in and say hi!

Potato Wednesday will begin after our middle school trips.  The sign up should be up and linked here on the website by the end of the week!


8th Grade Homer Trip:If you missed the Homer trip meeting, please make sure you get the required forms to review with your child, sign and return.  I need them, and the $200 fee by Thursday!

We have chaperones!  This year we’ll have the following parents chaperoning this trip:
John Haas, Natalie Ott Schuldt, Brandy Helms, Amy Larsen, Jennifer Young, Kathy Petersen, and Anna Merrill!

Helpful documents!

FNSB Volunteer Packet Link: FNSB Volunteer Packet Link

2019-2020 Watershed School Calendar


Week of August 19:



Welcome Back to School!

Can you believe it’s already time for school on Monday?  Hope you had a restful, adventuresome, and enjoyable summer break.  I am excited to see you on Monday!

Ms. Beattie and I are excited for this year’s academic units and outdoor adventures we have planned for you.  Starting on Monday, we will pass out class overviews/syllabi, upcoming trip plans/information, and other Watershed forms to sign and return.  When you get to school we will help you find lockers, review the schedule, and get materials organized and ready for class.

Please remember to bring the following to school:

  • School Supplies! (list is on Watershed website and in stores)
  • Rain Gear-Jacket/Pants/Boots (Please plan on leaving these at school in your locker)
  • Water bottle
  • Indoor and Outdoor shoes (we will be running on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Please feel free to contact either one of us with any questions or concerns you may have at any time.

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